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Tuesday, 8 March 2022

Do Shockwaves Perk Up Erectile Dysfunction Issues?

“Uh-oh. THAT’S not good.” When erectile dysfunction strikes, a man is apt to panic, and if it becomes a chronic issue, his sex life is going to be severely hampered. Let’s face it, of all penis health issues, this is the one that gives most men the willies, that makes them beg “please don’t let this happen to me.” Fortunately, in recent years medical science has discovered a number of medications, such as sildenafil, which can be a huge help in fighting erectile dysfunction. There also are a number of other still-not-proven erectile dysfunction treatments which show promise, among them the use of shockwaves on the penis.


OK, so let’s get this out of the way: shockwaves have nothing to do with actually “shocking” the penis. In this context, shockwaves refer to sound waves, pulses of acoustic energy, that are directed at the penis.

There have been a number of studies looking at shockwave therapy and erectile dysfunction. One of the more recent studies was conducted at the University of Naples Federico II. For this study, 156 men with diabetes were enrolled. (Why men with diabetes? Because erectile dysfunction, often due to nerve damage, is a common complication related to diabetes; it also tends to be more severe among men with diabetes than among men in the general population.)

In tandem with a pill

Some earlier studies looked at shockwaves alone in treating erectile dysfunction, but this study looked at both shockwaves and tadalafil, the generic name for a popular pull used to fight erectile issues.

The 156 men enrolled in the study were divided into groups which were as evenly matched as possible in terms of age, demographics, etc. All of the men had taken an erectile dysfunction test, and had averaged a score of 15.5. (On this test, a score of 22 to 25 indicates excellent erectile function; a score of five to seven is severe erectile dysfunction. So the average score indicated a fair amount of erectile issues.

All of the men were given tadalafil for the 12 weeks of the study. Half were also given shockwave therapy twice a week for three weeks when the study started. Because of the tadalafil, both groups reported increases in their erectile dysfunction scores – but those who also used shockwaves had higher increases. And this change also was true even six months after the study was ended. (The study also indicated that men who received greater numbers of shockwaves during treatment had better results.)

How come?

So why should shockwaves make a difference in whether a guy’s penis gets and/or stays hard? One theory is that shockwaves stimulate growth factors, which in turn helps with healing and cell growth. By potentially helping to regrow and strengthen nerve fibers and blood vessels, the growth factors can better enable blood to rush in and fill the penis when an erection is needed.

More studies are needed in order to get a better understanding of just what role shockwaves might play in erectile dysfunction therapy and how they could be properly used. (For example, is it something that might require a number of intense sessions in a short period of time and then follow-up sessions spaced farther apart?) But it does seem to have potential to be further aid men with their hard-ons.

Whether shockwaves to treat erectile dysfunction might have any unforeseen penis health effects is also unknown, so men need to continue to regularly apply a superior penis health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil , which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). For optimal results, a man needs to examine any possible candidates and select an oil with vitamins A, B5, C, D and E, all of which are vital for penis health. In addition, the oil should contain arginine, an amino acid which helps promote greater blood flow to the penis.

Source by John Dugan

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