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Tuesday, 7 December 2021

This will prevent you from getting heart disease in life – our health

It is a great thing for man to discover new things. However, in discovering new things like this, we neglect the resources provided by nature and suffer from various diseases. Problems such as heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure are especially common in humans. These problems do not actually appear in animals. A person who consumes a lot of junk food, cool drinks, flour and sweets is more prone to heart disease. Why do animals not have these problems? Ever wondered? This is because animals consume only natural foods such as fruits, leaves and grass provided by nature.

Foods that are high in salt, pepper, and spices are high in carnivores that we do not see in them. No matter how many generations have passed their evolutionary order has changed but the diet has never changed. In people who consume a lot of junk food and flour, fat builds up in the heart and clogs the blood vessels. These can lead to heart disease, overweight, and cardiovascular problems. Ignoring these can also lead to death. Animals consume only as much food as they need. Do not overeat. All diseases of the digestive system are caused by this disease.

High intake of salt and pepper can lead to high blood pressure, which can impair brain function and damage the blood vessels of the heart. The food we eat can damage the organs in our body and fragment our health system. Consumption of naturally occurring fruits, nuts and dry nuts helps keep the body healthy. Those who take food between six and seven o’clock in the evening get better sleep and rest without any digestive problems. No matter how intelligent man is, the most important thing he needs to know from animals is to respect the nature around us and take the food provided by nature to be healthy and happy.

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