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Wednesday, 15 December 2021

The miracle that happened at Tarnaka Hospital in Hyderabad. Doctors wondering – our health

One’s death can be another’s life ‘or one’s negligence can be another’s death. Let us learn about two such incidents. A woman from Thani district in Tamil Nadu has been admitted to hospital with menstrual cramps in the sixth month. Doctors handed over to the parents that the baby had died due to no movement in the baby after the cesarean delivery and removal of the baby as she was in more pain. The parents were so distressed that they took the dead child to the cemetery.

However the baby was rushed to the hospital as soon as we were done. One child lost his life when doctors said the baby had died without proper examination. Upon learning of the matter, the hospital chief ordered the doctors and nurses who first examined the child to investigate. Even doctors who at one time thought of us as gods were reckless in their work. There are also those who offer their services by sacrificing sleep without even seeing the times for patients in difficult times.

Also the incident in the case of another child shocked everyone. A baby of at least 20 months is vital to everyone in the house. Everyone was pissed at that little sin. However, the baby accidentally fell from the balcony and was seriously injured. Even after being rushed to the hospital, the baby did not reach them. Her parents were in tears after being brainwashed. However while they were in the hospital the baby’s father noticed that many were waiting for organs and donated his baby organs to them.

Papa donated two kidneys and a liver to five people to save their lives. Doctors also say that at the time those baby organs saved five lives because her parents donated an organ. Many people still come forward to donate organs with many myths. But even if we are not in this world donating his organs can light up someone else’s life.

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