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Monday, 6 December 2021

One year Papani left home 10 years later What happened is shocking – our health

Ammante looks after her children very carefully every minute. Such was the case when this mother left her child in an abandoned house when she was one year old. Want all this something movie story! Not an incident that actually happened. It happened in Yaroslavl, Russia. A mother leaves her child alone at home when she is one year old and locks her away.

The man who was going next door looked around the house crying baby and left so that no one could see why the little baby was in a desolate place. But he informed the police that every time he went there he heard a baby crying. The police came and searched the entire inside of the house and found the old man lying unconscious. Unable to bear the cold, the baby wrapped herself in a blanket and fell unconscious, crying. No food since day six already.

The police immediately took the baby to the hospital and told the doctors to keep him there for a few days for treatment. The doctors were also shocked to see that the baby had not taken any food for 6 days but was still alive. That baby’s name is Lisa. While the baby was in the hospital, his mother Eena came to take the seven-year-old boy for treatment. It was there that she learned about Lisa through the nurse who would bring the sinner the food he needed every day, such as clothes.

A few days later Eena came and saw that the baby was not there. The nurse was then asked and told that the baby had been discharged and taken by the police to join the orphanage. Eena is already so close to sin that she goes to an orphanage and adopts sin. Lisa is also raised equally with her son. But Lisa runs into a lot of trouble because of an incident that happened when she was a kid. Observing this, Eena teaches dance. As expected, Lisa learns to dance, gains courage and begins to walk.

But not everyone can be met equally. The children all start crying when they see it. But Eena has always been very loving and supportive of Lisa. Lisa has won many awards and medals as a model since she was a teenager. It was no big deal for his estranged mother to find out about Lisa, who was so famous. The mother who came to meet Lisa knowingly did not even want to see the mother who had left her to die as a child.

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