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Saturday, 11 December 2021

How many times a day do you eat in winter? – Our health

Usually man eats three or four times a day. In other seasons it is okay to eat three or four times a day. But in winter it should be eaten only 2 times a day. In winter, the food does not melt because the weather is cold and the sun does not reach the body. Decreases appetite. Not only humans but also birds and animals lose their appetite in winter. Also winter is mostly night and day is short.

Rest hormones are released more at night. The body does not starve due to the release of hormones for relaxation and mind relaxation. Eat as many times as you need during the rest of the season and only twice a day during these three months of December, January and February. Day 8.30 Drink tea at that time and have a hot meal between 9.30-10 pm and have a hot meal between 3.30-4 pm.

If you do not think so, drink any juice in the morning and have lunch between 9.30-10. Drink the juice again at 3.30 and have lunch between 5.30 – 6 p.m. Eating three or four meals a day during the winter can lead to many health problems. Eating twice a day increases immunity power. Eating three or four times a day during the summer is no problem. Food is digested quickly.

So it’s okay to eat three times. But in winter there is no sunlight or digestion of food. Eating without hunger can lead to many problems. We can protect ourselves from health problems by cooking your favorite food twice a day and eating it hot. Soaking and eating sprouts and dried fruits in the morning and evening can naturally protect our health.

Cooked food can be taken twice a day. But should be taken only twice. It is very good for health if you get used to it. Eat only twice a day throughout the year and twice a day for three months during the winter.

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