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Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Eating one of these in rice can lower cholesterol, overweight and sugar – our health

The proverb does not simply say that rice is a form of Parabrahma. It plays a prominent role not only in our country but in many countries in the world. In South India, however, rice is cheaper and is mostly eaten only with rice. We eat mostly in our country as it has the convenience of being eaten with any curry.

But these days most people like polished rice and white jasmine-like rice. It is mostly eaten. Many people also get sick because of it. The main reason for this is that those who sit and work together all the time do not consume much energy in the body. Fat accumulates with it. This can lead to weight gain. Heart attacks also come. That being said, the list goes on and on.

With this many people these days are eating other foods and chapatis. Not eating chapatis or forgetting rice is not eating properly. Suffering mentally. If the rice is cooked and eaten like this, more calories will not come. Add coconut oil while cooking in rice. Coconut oil is applied to the head and not only coconut oil but also cooking coconut oil is available. Available online at grocery stores. This coconut oil should be mixed in the rice while cooking.

Adding coconut oil does not increase cholesterol in the body. Food takes longer to digest. Fat is dissolved in the body to digest food. Consumption of this oil in rice reduces obesity and cholesterol. Add 30 grams per kg of rice. Add three per cent coconut oil to the rice we cook. Once the rice is cooked put it in the fridge and keep for 12 hours. Then take it out, heat it and eat it.

Doing so will reduce the calories in the rice. Eating like this does not increase the bad cholesterol in the body. Normally 100 grams of rice without coconut oil provides 400 calories but eating 100 grams of rice gives only four calories. People with diabetes can also eat this rice well.

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