This is the cure for all the aches and pains in the body this winter – our health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Sunday, 21 November 2021

This is the cure for all the aches and pains in the body this winter – our health

Wamaku tree is a plant that many grow in the backyard. Its leaves are thick and have many ayurvedic properties. It is not a tree that gives seeds of thyme. It is also used in many dishes. Take a look at the health benefits of this.

Respiratory problems

This herb is very useful in the treatment of sore throat, congestion, sinusitis, etc., because it contains compounds that act as a powerful expectorant, removing mucus and mucus from the respiratory tract. It also helps boost immunity.


Its scientific name is Plectoranthus ambonicus. These leaves contain volatile compounds rich in omega 6 fatty acids such as gamma-linolenic acid.

Gamma-linolenic acid reduces arthritis by preventing joint degeneration.

Boosts immunity

It is high in vitamin C, which boosts the immune system. Vitamin A and carotenoids in it improve vision, reduce oxidative stress and prevent macular degeneration.

Improves kidney health.

Diuretic in nature, this herb is effective in cleansing the body of toxins and stimulates urination. It also flushes out excess fat, salt and water from the body. Therefore, it keeps the body functioning in order

Skin care

Indian borage is highly effective for the skin as it contains anti-inflammatory compounds. Therefore, it quickly reduces swelling, redness and eliminates irritation and itching.

Irritable bowel syndrome

In ancient times, this herb was used to treat stomach ache. It is a useful herb for treating irritable bowel syndrome as it reduces inflammation in the stomach and improves digestion.

How is Wama used at home?

లకు For intestinal worms, give 10 ml of fresh leaf juice mixed with boiling water.

చికిత్స To treat indigestion and improve appetite, fresh juice of the leaves is taken in combination with ginger juice. It is useful in disorders of the digestive system and gastrointestinal complaints.

For respiratory problems, the juice of the leaves should be mixed with honey and given to children suffering from asthma, chronic cough etc. 5-6 ml of crushed juice of the leaves mixed with honey can be used to treat colds and coughs.

For insect bites, crush the leaves of this plant and mix them with coconut oil and apply on the affected area.

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