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Saturday, 27 November 2021

Just 5 Minute Yoga for Flat Belly/Stomach Health & Fitness

Belly fat is nothing but a lack of imbalance in your body that reflects slow metabolism

and lack of exercise. Heart diseases , Diabetes, Asthma, Tiredness and Fatigue are main health issues you will face if you have belly fat.

Reasons to have flat belly:

  • Having flat belly means having good metabolism. If you have a flat belly that means the fat at the abdomen is getting broken and that energy is used in management of the whole body.
  • You will not be able to have that energy to use your brain properly because of the deposited fat around your belly . The whole fat on your belly is being dissolved to give you good amount of energy and strength.
  • Hormonal productions improves.
  • You can wear lovely dress you like, you can dance, play games without getting tired.

Yoga for flat belly:

Exercising dedicatedly and regularly is very important for flat belly. Please follow below Yoga Asanas.

  • First is surpassing where you are lifting your upper head up lying down on your stomach really giving a good pull on your abdomen.
  • Second is classical variations of  “Parvatasana” where you are bending sideways where you are bending forward where you are bending backwards when you are twisting when you are stretching upwards.
  • Third is “Konasana” where you are spreading your shoulder bending down looking up so you are twisting your abdomen.
  • Fourth “pavana muktasan” variations with one leg and both the legs.
  • Fifth is “Hasta Pada Angustasana” which is standing straight lifting your leg up holding the toe , lifting your leg to the side holding the toe. These variations would actually make your abdomen flat.

Quick tips you need to understand to get rid of belly fat:

  • Avoid deep fried items, Burgers, Pizzas.
  • Workout regularly (walking/jogging) combined with Yogasanas
  • Always have a check on intake of calories vs. calories burnt.

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