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Sunday, 28 November 2021

Even those who can’t walk can run like a horse in three days – our health

People with knee pain find it very difficult to do any work, walk or stand for a while. Similar problems are more common in the elderly. But even for middle-aged people, knee pains and joint pains have become commonplace. Joint pains can be completely reduced in just three days by taking a diet high in calcium and following the doctor’s prescribed medications to reduce the pain. For that we have to take the district tree flowers.

There are two types of trees in the district. One white district and the other red district flowers are eggplant in color. Collect up to ten of these flowers. Along with this one should also bring two district leaves. Now wash the district flowers and a leaf clean in a roti. When collecting district flowers and leaves, their milk should be collected carefully without touching the hand or eye. There is a risk of blindness if this milk accidentally touches the eye. Also wash hands with clean soap when touching hands. The crumbs of these flowers should also be rinsed clean twice a day and used only to crush any food.

Finely chop the flowers and add a teaspoon of turmeric. Now soften the mixture and heat it in a clay pot. Add one to two tablespoons of mustard oil to the mixture. When the mixture is slightly cooked turn off the stove and add castor oil to a district leaf and put the mixture on it when it is hot enough for us to put the leaves where there is pain. Wrap it with a cloth and leave it until the next morning. The next morning, remove the bandage and wash the cloth clean. The next day, bring the flowers and leaves fresh and follow the tips. Doing this for at least three days will completely reduce the knee pain.

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