The more you increase your eyesight the more your spectacles will be thrown away in 7 days – our health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Monday, 6 September 2021

The more you increase your eyesight the more your spectacles will be thrown away in 7 days – our health

For a couple of years, Corona’s screen time has become as long as everyone’s online classes and online meetings. Doctors say that this has led to an increase in eye problems and a decrease in vision in recent times. Even children who go to school get blindfolded at an early age. Let me tell you a tip we can do at home to reduce such problems. Using it reduces eye problems and increases vision.

For this we need to take five or six black peppercorns. Dry them and add half a spoon or thirty spoon of acacia powder. Acacia is also known as jaggery misery. Add a tablespoon of cow ghee. Buffalo ghee can be used only when cow ghee is not available. All three should be mixed well and taken on an empty stomach. Do not eat or drink anything until the hour it is eaten.

Doing this for at least three months will reduce eye problems without the need for glasses. Improves eye vision. Black pepper is a well-known spice we all know, and pepper is known for its flavor and aroma.

Pepper is a great source of potassium. When the potassium levels in our body are low, it also affects our eyesight. According to Ayurveda, taking black pepper can help improve your vision over time.

In addition to balancing potassium levels, it also helps in absorbing the valuable nutrients available from the food we eat. Getting nutrients like beta carotene, selenium, curcumin and B-vitamins can be very beneficial for eye health.

The anti-inflammatory properties of black pepper help reduce inflammation in the eyes and other parts of the body. It has antibacterial and immune boosting properties that help maintain healthy eyes and strong eyesight.

Acacia jaggery has astringent properties which also helps in improving eyesight. The medicinal properties of ghee can cure ailments in the body as well as improve vision. In addition to following these tips, you should eat more foods that are rich in vitamin A. Consumption of carrots, drones and spinach in large quantities can help reduce eye problems.

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