Here are 12 health principles that most people are unaware of. – Our health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Here are 12 health principles that most people are unaware of. – Our health

Learn about the 12 ancient health principles for a healthy life. At least one of them can reduce the incidence of diseases by 70% in a lifetime. All these will increase our health and longevity without spending a rupee. They are.

1) Indigestion Meal Poisoning, Indigestion Medicine: The food we eat should never be eaten without asking completely. Indigestion is caused by re-eating the food rather than digesting it. Also drinking a little bit of good water while indigestion can act as an elixir and help in digestion of food.

2) Sleep deprivation: Our ancestors said that sleep reduces diseases by half. Get at least six hours of sleep a day and your body will get enough rest and repair itself. One can sleep better by exhaling for ten minutes.

3) Medical: Prabhurayusha: The meaning of this hymn is that the power to prolong life is not in the hands of physicians. That power is only in our hands. The care we take about our health increases our life expectancy.

4) Chintavadhi Prakashaya: The meaning of praise is that anxiety increases diseases. That is why anxiety should be avoided.

5) Ajavat Charvanam Kuryat: The meaning of this principle is that the goat should chew the food well. Chew 20 to 36 times to digest 70% of the food eaten.

6) Bath nama manahDelightful nightmare destruction: Bathing can provide peace of mind and prevent nightmares. Those of us with insomnia mental anxiety can get by taking a bath.

7) Bathing on Achareth Bhuktva : Never take a bath after eating food. It leads to indigestion, disrupting blood circulation.

8) Universal neophyte service is antiquated: This science means that the work of eating food must always be fresh. Eating curries kept in the fridge and pickles hidden in jars is not good for health. Vegetables should be kept fresh and used without storing for weeks.

9) Regular practice: Shadruchas must be taken in moderation in the daily diet. Bitterness must also be included in the diet.

10) Gastric or peptic ulcer: Only half of the stomach should be filled during the meal. Fill with substances like juice, sambar. Another piece should be left blank.

11) Anxiety is a human condition: Concerns can quickly turn people into old men. That’s why it’s important to stay calm away from worries as much as possible.

12) Percent Wedding Feast: Meals should be served on time regardless of cooking tasks. Eating too much over time can lead to health problems.

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