You can use this single drink without using any tips or remedies. Hair grows healthier – our health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Monday, 23 August 2021

You can use this single drink without using any tips or remedies. Hair grows healthier – our health

We use a variety of shampoos for problems such as dandruff and hair fall. No matter how much you use, there is no benefit. Once you want to use a shampoo made with natural ingredients, it is best to use a shampoo that is full of chemicals. The antidote is to make shampoo at home and use it. In addition, a good health drink can reduce hair problems and keep you healthy. Now let’s learn how to make both this shampoo and health drink.

We all know that hibiscus leaves are very good for hair care. Take hibiscus leaves and make a soft paste. Put them in a glass of water and knead well. Then add two teaspoons of squash powder and two teaspoons of coriander powder in the water. If dill powder a spoon or a spoon dill can also be added. Add a tablespoon of flaxseed powder or flaxseed when the water boils. As soon as the water starts to become sticky, turn off the stove and strain the water.

When the water cools, the water turns into a gel due to the nuts. Double filtering also removes the soft powder in it. Or it can get stuck in the head and cause irritation. Then squeeze the juice of half a lemon with shampoo. This shampoo does not foam too much so lemon juice removes greasy on the scalp. This shampoo works very well for frizzy, dry hair. Oily scalp They should use green tea leaves when boiling water instead of hibiscus.

For the second shampoo, mix two teaspoons of dill powder in a glass of water, filter the water and add one teaspoon of shampoo and one teaspoon of copy powder. This mixture should be applied to the head. The use of this water reduces hair problems and makes the hair grow stronger. Natural ingredients also reduce hair fall problems without any side effects.

Then let’s find out a drink to keep hair long and healthy. Take a small piece of ginger, a large herb. Add four spoons of yoghurt and one sprig of curry. Add a teaspoon of cumin and mix well. Then add a little black salt to taste. Or you can drink it as well. Drinking both of these can reduce all types of hair problems. Any tip should be used for at least two months. Only when so used will the difference in correct results be known. So drink this drink along with the shampoos mentioned above and get rid of your hair problems.

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