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Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Why India is not winning much in the Olympics – our health

India entered the Olympics in 1900. It has won only 30 medals in 121 Olympics since then to the present Tokyo Olympics. With the exception of the group team hockey in those 30, we have only one gold medal. Our neighbor China won 91 medals at the London Olympics.

Of those 91, only 38 were gold medals. The poorest country, Kenya, won 103 medals, including 31 gold. This means that Kenya has won three times more projects than India. If Kenya with a population of just five crore wins one hundred and three medals, why is India with a population of about 130 crore limited to 30 projects? This is the medley question in India every four years.

Every time there is a question, it is said that there is no time for games in schools and the government does not spend the money spent on cricket on other sports. That is why people think that there are no plans for India in the Olympics. What are the facts in this argument? What is the reason for limiting K to only thirty schemes?

What needs to be done to achieve more schemes like other countries. Let’s find out now. Reasons for non-arrival of original schemes

Lack of awareness about sports. Playing games like cricket and football or playing marbles and weeping at home. But we do not even know the rules of most of the games played in the Olympics.

Lack of money: Wealth in our country is only around 10 per cent so very few people in our country can train for these expensive games Kenyans have no money but their physical endurance fitness comes from ancient times.

Politics in our country is corrupt: it makes many people unable to go to the Olympics.

Gender: Gender discrimination in our country also causes projects to fail at the Olympics. Our country is against it yet girls are afraid to be sent out.

Do we blame the government for all this? How can such expensive training be given when the government does not even have the money to build proper toilets. Beyond all this, if India also wants to win schemes, people have only two options, one of which is to put on some other sports while spending time watching cricket. So as the number of people who see them grows, so do the sponsors.

It also increases the government’s interest in the game, as all sports in China are viewed equally, with schemes winning all games there. The second is to adapt to the fact that we have only played marbles and canes since we were little so there is no chance of going to the Olympics. It is no longer our responsibility to prepare children for the Olympic Games and it is enough to stop suffering for four years.

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