What else to eat without rice pulka? Not even sprouts. – Our health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Tuesday, 10 August 2021

What else to eat without rice pulka? Not even sprouts. – Our health

People who want to lose weight and have diabetes have stopped eating rice at night and are in the habit of eating chapatis and pulkas. Eating rice provides 500 calories. But eating two or three chapatis provides 150 to 250 calories. Eating chapatis or pulkas is somewhat beneficial for weight loss and diabetics but also provides calories.

For those who want to lose weight there is another way beyond this. Eating fruits instead of chapatis for rice on the same night means there are no calories. The body gets all the nutrients it needs. Provides water percentage. Takes good sleep. The body can rest without having to digest for a long time. Removes impurities in the blood and brightens the face.

That way you can start the day more fresh in the morning. Being low in calories does not lead to weight gain. There is a chance that the fat reserves in the body will be dissolved. People with diabetes soak some dry fruits like almonds and cashews and eat the fruits after they have eaten so that the body takes some time to digest the fruits directly.

This has many benefits even for people with diabetes. Employees must arrive home before 7pm to finish a meal. But those who eat fruits instead of chapatis and pulkas can eat them anywhere. Eating these fruits while on the job can be eaten that evening. Doing so can quickly finish the meal and relax the body.

Finishing a meal quickly causes the food to be digested before going to bed. So the accumulation of fat in the body will not be a problem. Fruits are a wonderful gift for those who want to lose weight. So turn fruits into dinner for quick weight loss.

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