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Wednesday, 18 August 2021

Those of you who have children know that betel nut can do this

The present generation is afraid of problems like colds in young children and immediately wanders around the hospitals but once upon a time when hospitals and medicines were not available, they used small home remedies to alleviate them. A common problem in young children is that the body heats up due to overheating of the body and the onset of colds and coughs, excessive sputum in the body or rapid changes in the body to outside weather conditions.

In that case the child can get out of the problem with small home remedies without the help of medication to reduce it immediately. It has been a habit since ancient times to use betel nut as part of a child’s health care. When it is slightly warm it should be placed on the head of the child. It absorbs all the heat in the head and helps the body to cool down.

This sesame oil is then placed on the baby’s stomach to absorb body heat. Chewing betel nut stimulates metabolism and also helps in digestion of food. Reduces breathing problems. Betel nut is widely used in treating cough and cold related problems.

It is an excellent preventive medicine for those suffering from phlegm congestion and asthma in the chest and lungs. Grinding two warts and adding honey to the juice reduces the risk of colds and coughs in children. And removes clogged mucus in the airway. Evaporation also relieves nasal congestion. Giving only hot water and hot food can help prevent colds and coughs in children. Giving more fluids will keep the body hydrated without losing moisture.

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