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Friday, 27 August 2021

This is the mistake that 100% of people make in drinking water – our health

Hydration is very important for maintaining your body functions efficiently. Water also plays an important role in important bodily functions such as digestion, metabolism and weight loss. During hot and humid periods, when we sweat a lot, water leaks out in the form of sweat. Then it is even more important to keep our body hydrated. Dehydration can lead to stomach problems such as constipation and fatigue.

However, our elders often tell us a lot about the “proper way to drink water.” Rather than drinking bottled water we are often told to take a glass of water, sit down and sip calmly and sip water, even adults say .. There are detailed tips and tricks to re-hydrate the body when the water goes out in your body.

When you drink bottled water, you drink only enough to quench your thirst. However, when you drink water from a glass, you have a chance to replenish the water in it, which will help you drink more water. Drinking bottled water is also not recommended as it can increase gas and make you feel bloated. However, when you drink water from a glass, your body will be hydrated without feeling any discomfort while sipping.

Do you drink water while standing or sitting?

Although there is no scientific evidence to suggest which of the two is correct, it is believed that drinking standing water can lead to arthritis and other diseases. It helps to sit down and drink water. Because posture plays a role in the way we feed our body. When we stand or walk, blood flow to our arms and legs is high, which prevents water from reaching the digestive tract properly.

The best way to drink water is to sit with a glass of water and sip and drink. A person should consume at least 2-3 liters of water per day. Those who roam in the sun outside should drink up to four liters. Preference should be given to drinking water at room temperature or lukewarm water rather than very cold water. Drinking like this during the rest of the summer, apart from being hydrated, has many health benefits.

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