These two fruits are enough to eat. The health that you have lost for years will come back – our health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Thursday, 5 August 2021

These two fruits are enough to eat. The health that you have lost for years will come back – our health

Our body is not made to eat cooked ingredients. As man grew in intellect he learned to make fire and cook ingredients. But the body is made to eat naturally occurring ingredients. Whenever we start cooking and eating unnatural food, many diseases start to afflict the body. The sooner we switch to natural methods to prevent these, the sooner we can get healthier.

All we need to do for that is to include more fruits and fruit juices in our diet. We know that apples are the most important fruit we know. It is said that eating it will reduce all diseases but there are still fruits that provide us with the nutrients and benefits that apples offer at a very low price. The same gourds.

Gourds are available to us all year round. As well as are available at a lower price. These are said to be the poorest apple as they provide all the nutrients found in apples. Also seasonal melons and apricots should be consumed at that time. These help the body’s digestive system to function properly. They are also very tasty due to their natural sugars.

Also, papaya, which is available throughout the year, should be part of our daily diet. Taking watermelon and watermelon can help our body reduce stress and stay healthy without increasing fat deposits. Avoid junk food as much as possible and eat only fruits at least once a day. This intake detoxifies the toxic waste accumulated in the body.

This diet helps the kidneys and liver to stay healthy without toxins accumulating in the body. Consumption of fruit juices instead of cool drinks can reduce many diseases from the mouth to constipation in the early stages. That is why we should eat fruits provided by nature often to avoid diseases.

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