These are great medicinal plants that work as a panacea. – Our health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Tuesday, 31 August 2021

These are great medicinal plants that work as a panacea. – Our health

Many of the plants around us are weeded out. But knowing about them can help a lot in reducing many diseases which are not reduced even if lakhs are spent. Let us now learn about three such Ayurvedic plants. The plant is small, shaped like a small lump, to see the linga that we see most often in it. We think of this plant as mad nuts.

The whole plant is used to treat adenopathy, ague, asthma, bronchitis, carbuncles, cholera, colic, consumption, cough, forgetfulness, fertility, headache, megalosplanib, paralysis, phytosis, snake bite.

It is traditionally used as anthelmintics and is also reported as a plant used to cure jaundice in Kammam district of Andhra Pradesh, India.

Indian women occasionally take seeds in combination with other plant medicines to prevent pregnancy and miscarriage. Also works very well in reducing the ailments in women like white saffron, red saffron, emerald saffron, gonorrhea.

The whole plant is used to get relief from constipation. The roots are used as antivenin and fruits and leaves to treat stomach ache. These stalks are used as an expectorant and the fruits as a laxative and the seeds as a fibrous in Nepal.

Later plant mango This plant is also used as a vegetable. The use of vegetables in pregnant women and postpartum women prevents happy childbirth and further miscarriage. Helps to reduce excessive stomach problems in postpartum. In addition, the use of atikamamidi joint pains, joint pains will be reduced in three days.

Then came the third plant, Uttareni. Uttareni plants are mostly used in the worship of Ganesha. These plants have many health benefits. Seeds are obtained by taking the northern twigs and collecting their seeds and crushing them. Take turmeric powder and pepper powder in equal parts and take tablets to reduce asthma.

The use of Uttareni can provide relief from diseases like TB and asthma. Consumption of Uttareni leaf powder also reduces the problem of cough and dry cough. By raising awareness about these ayurvedic plants which have so many benefits, minor ailments can be reduced without the need for medication.

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