The Corona Third Wave is coming in August-September. Doing so from today will increase immunity in the body – our health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Wednesday, 11 August 2021

The Corona Third Wave is coming in August-September. Doing so from today will increase immunity in the body – our health

The second wave of the Corona virus is over. Delta Plus is ready to start as a virus again. The third wave is likely to be between August and September. Scientists say the virus will increase in the next two to three months. We need to strengthen our defenses so that we do not become infected even if the virus enters us. Most of us have a very weak immune system.

The importance of the immune system after the onset of the corona virus is well known. The Third Wave Delta Plus variant is more likely to become more dangerous than the Second Wave. Part of that is to strengthen the immune system. Most importantly I need to make a vow of 2 poots to help boost immunity.

For this, take boiled food twice a day in the morning and in the evening as a vow not to take it. Take it as a fast for about three months. This scripture says not to eat breakfast or evening food. Take cooked foods in the afternoon and juice anything made with any available vegetable or fruit in the morning. Any of the two types can be taken.

They are rich in micronutrients, vitamin A and vitamin C. Vitamin C strengthens the immune system. If you want to drink this juice, you can mix it with two teaspoons of honey or date powder. Sugar lowers immunity. When vegetables are cooked, the percentage of nutrients in them decreases. Sprouted seeds provide the body with plenty of fiber and a variety of nutrients. Sprouts as well as peanuts can also be soaked and eaten.

In addition to sprouts, dates can also be eaten. Any fruits can also be taken as food to fill the stomach. Eating such a good diet provides our body with plenty of B-complex, protein, vitamin A and vitamin C. Zinc is also available. All these things that the body needs are given in the morning through fruits. Do not take cooked food even in the evening. Sugarcane juice should be drunk with any one of the fruit juices. Lunch should end by 6:30. For those who want to lose weight and lose weight, just eating fruits is enough.

You can get fruits from the stomach as food. Yet those who do not have enough energy, ordinary people can eat some dry nuts soaked in cashews and pistachios. Pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, pulses and sunflower seeds can be eaten. All these increase the immunity in the body. Taking any food again till morning will increase the energy reserves in the body and also reduce the problem of overweight easily.

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