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Monday, 9 August 2021

Six tips to increase men’s facial radiance – our health

Cosmetic care is also very important for men. Sun, dust and dirt on the back of men are very damaging to the skin. However their skin is different from women’s skin. Men who are a little rough need a lot of skin care measures. For that you need to know dermatology first.

Normal-skin is velvety, with no acne and even in color

Some people find that their skin looks a bit dry and older no matter what type of moisturizer they are prescribed for. As such they need to use an oil based moisturizer. Special face washes are also available for them.

The skin that then releases most of the oil is called oily skin. Wash the face several times and the oil will be released after a while. Moisturizers and face washes containing oil should be used for such skin.

Combination Skin For those who have this skin, oil is released under the nose, forehead and chin and the rest of the skin is dry. People with this skin condition should use only products specially made for combination skin.

People with sensitive skin do not go for any product so quickly. If so it should not be used. Itching and allergies are more likely to occur quickly. No materials should be used without patch testing. They have specialized products in the market. They only need to be used.

Health Tips for Longer Beautiful Skin:

1. Sunbathers should stay away from the sun as much as possible. Sunscreen lotion 30 plus PF should be used in the wrong situations.

2. Using face wash instead of soap can protect facial skin. We should use face wash depending on our skin philosophy.

3. Use face pack once a week. Many homemade face packs are available on YouTube. Look at them and try.

4. Shaving removes dead skin cells. But shaving cream can cause dry mouth. That’s why use a good brand of shaving creams.

5. Drink at least two liters of water a day.

6. Massage for two minutes while applying face cream.

7. Eat more fruits instead of junk food.

8. Take soaked almonds in the morning.

9. Exercise some time daily.

10. Do not use any harmful whitening products. They are not good for whitening the skin unless they are harmful.

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