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Saturday, 14 August 2021

Put one of the white rice. No wrinkles on the face at all – our health

We use King Titaning Pax when the problem of wrinkles on the face is high. These can be costly and even without proper results. But some homemade tips can help prevent wrinkles in the early stages. Wrinkles make most people look older at a younger age. A good diet to prevent these is just as important as following certain types of tips as we need to take care of ourselves.

Let us first know the tip for that. Take a cup of boiled fluffy rice. Add this rice to the mix and make a smooth paste. Add a teaspoon of almond oil to this paste. The many nutrients present in rice reduce wrinkles and pigmentation on the face and make the face brighter and younger. It is well known in recent times that using it as rice or rice water makes the face glossy.

Japanese women still use rice water as a skin care product from ancient times. They are very helpful in reducing scars on the face and reducing wrinkles and brightening the skin. Almond oil moisturizes the skin and helps to make the skin radiant and youthful. Then take the carrots for a tip. These should be finely grated.

Take a bowl and grate the carrots in it and add olive oil to sink. Boil the oil on a low flame, adding the carrots without stirring. When the oil changes color, turn off the stove and strain the oil. This oil should be stored in any glass bottle. Apply one or two drops of this oil on the face overnight and massage. Doing this on a regular basis will reduce the thin lines and wrinkles on the face. It acts as a serum for the skin and makes the skin tight. Helps in tightening the skin, enhancing the complexion and brightening.

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