People with sugar will not work with the tablet after a month if they follow this diet – our health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Sunday, 1 August 2021

People with sugar will not work with the tablet after a month if they follow this diet – our health

Diabetes affects everyone from an early age. People with diabetes have a lot of trouble if their sugar levels are not under control. When sugar levels are above 120 they cause many ailments in the body. Let us now learn about the diet to follow when sugar levels are high. Drink a quart of water as soon as you wake up. Even better if they are lukewarm water.

Drinking like that causes diarrhea. Then exercise for an hour. Exercise is just as beneficial as medication. Exercise helps a lot in controlling sugar levels. Then drink a quarter of a liter of water to help with diarrhea. Drink a glass of vegetable juice at 7:45. This includes a vegetable like beer, sora, keira, potla.

Add 2 tomatoes, one carrot and one beetroot and mix well. Add one and a half or two teaspoons of honey to this juice. Add half a lemon juice and drink it. At 8:30 you can add any two types of sprouts, some pomegranate seeds or any fruit pieces, and two dates for sweetness. Eating these also gives the body the nutrients it needs.

No need to drink even water until 11 p.m. Drink one glass at 11:30 am, one glass at 12 noon and one glass once an hour. Take only one pulka or one loaf of copper bread or sorghum bread for one and a half hours. One vegetable curry, one leaf curry can eat up to half a kg of curry. The less salt you have, the better. Those with high sugar levels can take a vegetable salad instead of cooked curries.

A cup of yogurt can be taken at lunch. Do not drink water during meals. Do not drink water for 2 hours after a meal. After that you can drink three glasses of water at the rate of one glass for half an hour. You can drink a coconut at four and a half or five. This will not increase the sugar levels. The body gets the salts it needs. At 6 pm, you can soak watermelon seeds, almonds, cashews and any four types of nuts and eat them.

Any kind of fruit can be eaten at dinner in two ways. Sugar levels should be checked every four days following the rules. Once the sugar levels start to drop, there is a chance that the level will drop well if you take too much medication. So follow the diet and lower your sugar levels with the advice of a doctor.

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