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Tuesday, 10 August 2021

Pain in the joints, hands, back and knees are all completely eaten away

Many people develop diabetes and arthritis at an early age due to lifestyle changes. Those who suffer from it are more likely to reduce their sugar intake with these tips. Also some people suffer a lot from joint pains and leg pains. Ayurvedic doctors say that a single district leaf works very well for joint pains and diabetes. Let’s learn how to use that tip.

There are three types in the district. One of them is royal district, two are red district and 3 are white district. Most of these white and red district are used in Ayurvedic medicine. The white district is not very visible, so the red district is also used. This plant is considered to be the favorite plant of Ganesha. Milk comes from the leaves of this plant. They must be careful not to touch the eye. There is a risk of blindness due to them.

The leaves should be collected and washed clean. People with diabetes should put these leaves on their hips and tie them tightly. It should stay that way until morning. Wearing socks on leaves is even easier. After using it for at least 15 days, a blood test will show that the sugar levels have dropped. Use new leaves every day.

Tie the leaves so that the top part is visible from the outside. Also those with arthritis should take an aloe vera stalk. Remove the thorns next to it and collect the pulp inside. Mash it with a spoon. Spoon yellow in it. Mix this mixture well and set aside. Now take two district leaves and add sesame oil to them and turn on the iron fan. This district should heat the leaves on it.

When hot, apply a mixture of aloe vera and turmeric to the legs and massage the leaves. The leaves should be tied with string to prevent them from happening. Tie any bandage or cloth over it so that the leaves do not move. Doing this regularly can reduce joint pain.

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