One fruit is enough to eat. At the age of 60, they are steel and firm without losing strength. – Our health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Thursday, 12 August 2021

One fruit is enough to eat. At the age of 60, they are steel and firm without losing strength. – Our health

Also known as Naruvalli, Gum Nakkera, Nakkera Nuts, Gum Nuts, Gum Tree, these trees are mostly found along roadsides or in villages. The fruits of this tree are green when green and light pink when ripe. The pulp of this fruit is sticky. That is why this tree is called glutinous nutmeg or glutinous nuts.

The fruits of this tree are highly digestible and should not be eaten more than six to 10 servings a day. The leaves, nuts and bark of this tree provide many health benefits. Small children collect tree fruits and eat them very fondly. They unknowingly get many health benefits. This tree is also known as The Indian Cherry. Let us now know the benefits of this tree fruit.

1. Diarrhea

Naruvalli bark is given in combination with pomegranate peel for diarrhea. Giving this will make the diarrhea go away quickly

2. Colic in infants

Consumption of bark juice along with coconut milk can relieve severe stomach ache.

3. Urinary disorders

Bark infusion helps in reducing many urinary disorders 4. Indigestion

Decoction of the bark is useful in dyspepsia and fevers. Reduces the problem of indigestion and prevents constipation

5. Ulcer and tumor

Externally moistened bark is diluted in sand and applied to tumors. Taken in powder form, it is used to treat mouth ulcers.

6. Oral Care

The bark is rubbed on the teeth to strengthen the mouth. The infusion of the bark is used to gargle.

7. Skin diseases

Dry bark is applied on the itchy patches on the hands and feet.

8. Cervical problems

Properties of the fruit The mucus accumulated in the chest is used to treat coughs, and diseases of the chest, uterus, bladder, etc.

9. Ringworm

Fruit seeds are a good remedy for ringworm or eczema. Dry them, mix with oil and apply on ringworm.

10. Cold, cough and fever

The infusion of the leaves is used in the treatment of coughs and colds.

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