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Friday, 27 August 2021

No matter how white the hair, it is enough to write it once – our health

Let us now learn how to make a hair mask as a natural remedy for white hair problem. Nature gives us many kinds of medicinal properties. Used properly, it can streamline commerce and make the world smaller. With the recent changes in eating habits and lifestyle, the problem of white hair is plaguing more than 30 people.

If they make a good hair pack at home without using various hair dyes made with chemicals, the hair will turn black and the hair will be black and the hair will be shiny and healthy.

For that we have to put a glass of water on the stove and boil it. Add two teaspoons of ambrosia powder. Our homemade amla powder is a little rough so it can get stuck in the hair. That is why soft powder is available in the outside market. A good brand can be bought and used. Turn off the stove when the ambrosial boiling water changes color. When the water is lukewarm add two tablespoons of henna powder. Henna powder is very good for hair growth and gives good color to the hair.

Then add two tablespoons of nutmeg powder. Then add two teaspoons of Brungraj powder or Guntagalagara powder. The use of powdery mildew powder in oils or masks helps to keep the hair black and healthy. Mix two tablespoons of hibiscus powder. Hibiscus flowers and leaves have long been used in hair care. These help in beautiful healthy hair growth. All these should be mixed well and left overnight without lumps.

For those who do not have time to apply on the scalp in the morning, soaking for at least an hour will give good results. Apply it on the scalp and bathe for an hour with plain water. Massage the head with oil that evening and bathe with shampoo the next day. Doing this once a week or twice a month, you will notice the amazing results of hair growth and darkening of the hair.

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