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Sunday, 8 August 2021

Never do these things after a meal – our health

Nowadays people are eating while watching TV or watching phone without even paying attention to the food they eat and the water they drink. Doing so leaves many sick and dying at an early age. Food is medicine is the word of our ancestors. Let us now learn about some of the things that should not be done while taking such food.

Doing things that should not be done can lead to many health problems. Do not drink cold water in the fridge immediately after eating or at meal time. For some people a meal is not complete without cold water. Such people should avoid drinking fridge water or your cold water will stop the gastrointestinal tract from digesting food which can lead to digestive problems.

Some people have a habit of drinking coffee and tea immediately after eating. But consuming foods that contain sugar and caffeine immediately after eating anything makes it difficult to digest food. It also causes acidity in the body. Slowing down the digestive system can lead to many health problems such as abdominal problems and insomnia.

Some people have a habit of eating something immediately after a meal. Citrus fruits can be taken immediately after a meal to cause acidity. That is why no fruit should be taken immediately after a meal. They act contrary to the food they eat and can cause digestive problems, gastritis, acidity as well as skin problems.

Some people smoke cigarettes immediately after a meal. This can be extremely dangerous for those who are addicted to smoking immediately after a meal. Smoking a cigarette immediately after eating can cause side effects similar to ten cigarettes. Studies show that smoking immediately after a meal increases the risk of cancer by 50%.

Some people take a bath immediately after a meal because doing so will lead to blood on the stool and the blood that needs to go to digest the food will be diverted to other organs. Then he has to suffer from many diseases.

Do not go to bed immediately after eating. Lying down like that will cause the food eaten to come out of nowhere. Then the food is not properly digested. Walking outside for at least a while after a meal. To go to bed, there should be a two-hour break between meals so one should finish the meal quickly.
We have now learned some things not to do while eating or after eating. Stay healthy by following these and changing your diet.

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