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Friday, 13 August 2021

It is a panacea that can cure diabetes in ten days – our health

In ancient times, nuts and leaves, which were found naturally around, were cooked and eaten as vegetables. They are said to prevent diseases due to their medicinal properties. They are found in the forests of Aare Donda and are collected and eaten as vegetables and greens. They are found not only in the forest but also near farm fences and on roadsides. It can also be found in the countryside and towns. These are known as Aare Donda, Aa Donda, Aru Donda, Govinda Mokka, Govinda Poda.

It is a plant belonging to the Capersi family. The scientific name of this plant is Caparesi gianica. Indian Creeper in English, also known as Ceylon Keeper. This lump boosts the immune system in the body. Stops diseases in the body. The petals of the flowers on this tree are like the rays of the sun. That is why it is also called the sunflower flower. These nuts are small and round. The outside is green and the inside is white with seeds. All these trees are thorns.

The medicinal properties of this nut can be used to reduce all types of aches and pains such as arthritis and low back pain. The bark of the tree is brought in a paste and applied to the place where the scorpion and snake bites. Doing so will reduce the toxic effect. To reduce skin diseases like itching and eczema, the leaves are soaked in bath water. Drinking the infusion of these leaves reduces the number of nematodes in the body.

Frequent consumption of this curry can also reduce the risk of diabetes in the body permanently. Consumption of these six nuts in moderation after ripening reduces the bad cholesterol in our body. When there is a sore throat, boil the leaves in water and take a bath to reduce the sore throat. The paste of this bark should be applied where there is arthritis. Doing so will reduce joint pains and joint pains.

Paste the leaves of six nuts and apply on the affected area and wash it in the morning. Headaches can be alleviated by applying a paste of these leaves. Paste these leaves with black pepper and take it as tablets, it causes stomach ache and kills worms in the intestines.

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