If you apply this oil twice a week, your hair will grow like grass on your head – our health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Sunday, 8 August 2021

If you apply this oil twice a week, your hair will grow like grass on your head – our health

If the hair is getting thinner, we are worried. If that is not the case then maybe there is a problem with hair oil. Applying it on the scalp reduces hair problems and makes the hair grow back thicker and stronger. There are only three ingredients needed to make this oil. Let us now learn how to make curry oil using those ingredients.

Take a cup of coconut oil. Take a bunch of curry leaves. These are great if they are a home grown tree. If brought from outside, add two spoons of turmeric in a liter of water and soak the curry shoots for ten minutes. Doing so will flush out the chemicals accumulated on top of the curry. Then take a spoonful of dill. Put the washed and dried curry and dill in a mixing jar and dry finely.

Now put oil on the stove and add curry powder and dill powder. Put the oil on a small flame and let it boil. Once the oil boils well and turns green, turn off the stove and let the oil cool. Once the oil has cooled it should be filtered with the help of a strainer and stored in a glass jar. Can be stored in a glass jar for up to two months. Can be refreshed and used again after two months.

Apply this oil to the scalp with finger tips and bathe for four hours. The head should be bathed with kunkud nuts or mild shampoo. Applying the oil to the scalp once a week like this will make the medicinal properties of curry strong from the scalp. The properties of dill reduce dandruff and itching even if it is a hair problem and make the hair grow soft and long. This oil can reduce hair problems and have beautiful hair.

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