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Monday, 30 August 2021

If it is used, white hair will turn black – our health

White hair is when they come of age they look older than their age. Those who do jobs and those who study are considered embarrassed in such situations. There is no big advantage in using chemicals that they can find outside. White hair comes out after a few days of being black. Some natural ingredients can give good results to darken hair permanently.

For that we need to take a clean bowl. Take a spoonful of aloe vera gel in it. It is advisable to use fresh aloe vera gel extracted from the tree and use only what is available in the market. Then add a teaspoon of coffee powder. Coffee powder protects the scalp and prevents fungal infections. Then add a tablespoon of coconut oil. Coconut oil nourishes the hair and makes it strong and strong.

Add a teaspoon of indigo powder. Indigo powder helps in darkening the hair. Its use has been high in recent times due to the benefits of Indigo powder. It is available in all online, ayurvedic shops. Then add up to a teaspoon of any shampoo you use in it. The mixture should then be mixed well and applied to the hair.

Every ingredient used in it cleanses the hair of dust and dirt and prevents hair problems. Helps to prevent white hair problem from hair roots. One hour after application, shampoo is applied in advance and the head can be washed with plain water. Applying this pack to the hair at least twice a month at least once a week can reduce hair problems. Regular use of this pack will turn the hair black.

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