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Sunday, 15 August 2021

How to take salt to keep the body always steel. – Our health

Salt is one of our daily necessities. Without it our food taste is not perfect. Without salt the body seems to lack strength. This is because of the sodium in the salt. It releases the energy in the foods we eat. That is why the body needs sodium. But sodium is also found in other foods we eat.

But we tend to overeat salt beyond a certain level. Eating like that causes many diseases in the body. Sodium is considered the salt we eat. But sodium is a nutrient found in salt. Sodium is found in everything you eat and drink.

It occurs naturally in many foods, is added to other ingredients in the manufacturing process and is used as a flavoring agent in ready-made foods at home and in restaurants. Sodium is associated with high blood pressure.

It can cause damage to your blood vessels and arteries when prolonged. Gradually, it increases your risk of heart disease, stroke, heart failure and kidney disease.

Therefore, many health authorities have established guidelines to limit sodium intake.

Explains the importance of sodium, the dangers of over or under consumption and how much sodium you should eat per day. Many studies say that sodium raises blood pressure – especially in people with high levels.

Many experts discovered the link between sodium and high blood pressure in France in 1904. However, until the late 1940s, this was widely recognized when scientist Walter Kempner proved that a low-salt diet could lower blood pressure in 500 people.

Since then, research has established a strong link between high sodium intake and high blood pressure.

By analyzing the sodium levels of more than 100,000 people from 18 countries on five continents, the researchers found that blood pressure was significantly higher in those who consumed more sodium than in those with low sodium.

Using the same population, other scientists have shown that people who consume more than 7 grams of sodium per day are at higher risk of heart disease and premature death than people who consume 3–6 grams per day.

People with high blood pressure, diabetes and chronic kidney disease, as well as the elderly are more sensitive to the blood pressure-raising effects of sodium.

If you have symptoms that are quickly affected by salt, you should limit your sodium intake — you may have a higher risk of high blood pressure-related heart disease.

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