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Wednesday, 11 August 2021

Four secrets we should never share with others – our health

We hear a lot about Chanikya ethics. There are a lot of things in the campaign that Chanikya says will come out if you follow any rules in difficult times. Some people get very embarrassed not knowing what things to share with anyone. Many insults abound. Let us now learn about some of the rules laid down by the philosopher and teacher Chanikya for such people.

We share a lot of things with relatives and friends. But don’t think about them about the consequences later. But some things should not be raised with everyone. Let’s look at Avento now. When financial problems afflict us financially we tell our sufferings and hardships to those who are our relatives. When they do not help, they go out and talk less about us. We are being ridiculed. Even those who get help tend to look down on us when we have financial problems.

Then don’t even tell everyone about personal issues. Memories of the past Mistakes made by us Our health problems We should never tell anyone about our secrets. That being said, everyone thinks of us as childish. Those who are friends now may later become enemies. They may make fun of us for the secrets they know about us or make us less of everyone.

The next thing is family issues. When there are conflicts and problems between the wife and the husband, they should not talk about them outside. It is good for both spouses to sit down and talk about these things. Unless we talk about what’s going wrong, things will continue to go wrong for us.

Then the fourth thing is insults. Sometimes we become insults whether we make a mistake or not. Don’t tell anyone about them. Saying so makes us say good sentences to comfort us. But go sideways and speak wrongly about us. Various stories are spread about us.

That is why such things should not be said to anyone. We share things in mind that make the mind lighter. But it is Chanikyuni’s morality that many will get into trouble if they do not share it with the right person.

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