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Saturday, 14 August 2021

Drink 3 times a day. Lose 5 kg weight per month without any diet or exercise – our health

The problem of being overweight is bothering everyone a lot. Such a body is becoming a platform for many diseases. The body is unknowingly getting fat when this overweight problem comes up. But it takes a lot of hard work to lose this weight. Even people who do a variety of diets and exercises are frustrated in the middle of not being able to cope with overweight problems.

As such they should use exercises, diet as well as drinks that detoxify the body. These flush out the accumulated impurities and toxic wastes in the body and keep the body healthy. They keep away from diseases and reduce the percentage of fat accumulated in the body. Let us now learn about a drink we should take for it.

Light the stove and place the bowl on it. Pour two glasses of water in it and put two biryani leaves in it. We are making this drink for three meals a day. Cut the biryani leaf into small pieces and soak in this water. Many of the properties found in biryani leaf act as a diuretic. Expel excess water accumulated in the body. Improve digestion and help prevent overweight.

Taking these will also reduce stress and anxiety in the body. Makes food better digested. This further increases the absorption of nutrients during this time. Add half a cinnamon stick. Cinnamon helps in weight loss due to its fat-reducing properties and helps in better digestion of food. Its anti-bacterial properties increase the rate of digestion.

Then add half a teaspoon of cumin in water. Cumin helps in weight loss and keeps bones strong and healthy. Reduces gas problem. Helps to prevent constipation and lose weight. Then pull out 2 yams and put in water. Mangoes also help a lot in weight loss. It is believed to increase digestion. To help dissolve fat, the digestive tract is better digested and energized.

Then boil this water well. As soon as the water turns discolored, stop and filter the water. You can drink half a lemon juice and honey in this water. People with diabetes should not use honey. This drink should be taken half an hour after tiffin in the morning, half an hour after lunch and half an hour before dinner. Doing this for a few days can reduce the percentage of fat in the body and overcome the problem of overweight.

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