Do not explode with this tip. Once written, the ticks will fall off. – Our health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Friday, 6 August 2021

Do not explode with this tip. Once written, the ticks will fall off. – Our health

Hair problems do not end with dandruff. Sweaty and sticky head brings lice with it. The inconvenience caused by these is not uncommon. Itching, impairs concentration. It is important to avoid such outbreaks. We have natural remedies for it. The ingredients we need to take for those solutions are veggies and garlic juice, aloe

It is said that the accumulation of sweat on the head increases the chances of getting ticks or fungal infections in the hair during the rainy season. And the longer the hair stays moist, the faster the ticks on the hair will grow. Lice are mostly found on long hair.

And tying wet hair and inert knitting can also increase the risk of breakouts. , Increase the chances of ticks due to moisture and sweat.

But women need not fear because someone has to take action to prevent the lice from attacking the scalp. “Especially those with long hair should bathe their hair regularly and dry their hair thoroughly after bathing.

Once or twice a week, check lice and brush hair with a soft bristle comb. Lice spread rapidly, so you need to be careful if family members or friends have a problem. Do not share personal items such as combs, hair accessories, pillows and other products that touch the hair. Let’s also learn some home remedies.

“Bring the neem leaves to a light paste and make a soft paste. Put garlic paste in it and put in it. Cut the aloe vera and add its pulp. Then apply the mixture to the scalp with a cotton swab, leave it in the sun for about ten minutes, then rinse.

Neem oil is also very effective in removing blemishes on the hair and it should be left on for one and a half to two hours, “. If you think natural remedies are more time consuming, you can use herbal remedies or sprays. But lice shampoo, even sprays, only kills lice, not eggs. So it is better to choose natural solutions.

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