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Saturday, 28 August 2021

Bathing after eating is a big problem in the stomach – our health

Adults are told not to bathe immediately after a delicious meal. Because of the way your body works to digest food, bathing after a meal can cause you stomach pain and indigestion. Let’s find out the benefits and disadvantages of bathing after eating

Why not take a bath after eating

When you take a bath with warm water, a process called hyperthermic action is stimulated in your body. This process raises your internal body temperature by a degree or two.

More generally, the benefits of hyperthermic action

Stimulates your immune system, relaxes the nervous system, stimulates your sweat glands to expel toxins.

After you eat, the body temperature rises slightly. The delicate warmth you feel in your body after a satisfying meal actually directs your body to increase blood flow to your digestive organs.

Because bathing raises your heart rate, it can feel uncomfortable when the stomach is full.

Unusually, taking a bath immediately after people have eaten can cause your body to become confused because instead of increasing blood flow to your digestive system, your body is experiencing a hyperthermic reaction caused by water.

Theoretically, it can slow down or disrupt your digestion, leading to slowness.

Meals with a high protein, heavy fiber content, lots of fat or refined carbohydrates can cause bloating in your body, putting pressure on your chest and causing cramps and heartburn.

Bathing after juice or salad is probably not that bad.

Can I take a cold shower after eating?

Cold bathing does not depend on your core temperature and does not divert blood flow from your digestive organs. As a bonus, cold showers can start your metabolism and help you burn more fat from those meals you just ate.

How long to wait for a bath after a meal?

If you are worried about disrupting your body’s natural digestion, you should wait a while before going to the bath after a meal. Bathe only after at least two hours.

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