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Sunday, 8 August 2021

Apply this whitening cream no matter how dark your birth is – our health

We do a variety of treatments at the parlor and at home to brighten the face. But some people do not have the rest of their body parts as white as their face. The reason for that is not paying attention to them. Today we will learn about a tip for full body whitening. This pack works very well to make the whole body glow white.

We need to take a cup of peas to make this pack which removes the dead cells that have accumulated on the body, cleans the soil and grease and keeps the body radiant. Add these to the mix and knead until smooth. Once burned, remove anything that is rough and set aside.

Also peel a large beetroot on top and chop into small pieces. Add this beetroot to the mix and make a smooth paste. Make a paste without using water. Strain the paste to extract the juice from it. Put the taken beetroot juice in a pan and put it on the stove.

When it boils a little, turn off the stove and mix the mixed peas powder with a little bit of beetroot juice. When all the powder is mixed in it it becomes powdery. Add two or three spoons of sandalwood powder. Also take two spoons of turmeric powder made from green horns. This powder can be mixed well and stored in any one bottle.

This mixture should be mixed with rose water and applied to the body four times before going for a bath. Leave it on the body for a while and then scrub it off. Doing so removes the dust mentioned on the body and the body turns white. All the ingredients used in it are very helpful in enhancing the body light in reducing the scars and blemishes on the body.

Jaundice has anti-bacterial properties and can help reduce the appearance of pimples and allergies on the skin. Applying this mixture on the face gives a very good glow. Get a good glow by using it as a moisturizer instead of a daily soap.

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