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Sunday, 1 August 2021

An Ayurvedic Medicinal Plant Used In Anandayya Garu Korona Medicine – Our Health

People know about many types of Ayurvedic medicinal plants after Anandayya made medicine for Karona. Knowing and identifying the medicinal values ​​of these plants that once removed weeds around the house.

The plant is also known in Telugu as glass wire, gold wire, basket budas and white junkie. The plant belongs to the family Fassi fluorosi. The scientific name of this plant is also known as Fasci fluorida flora. This plant is called Junkie Lata in Hindi. This plant also has nuts. They are dark green when green and orange when ripe. There are nuts inside the hair-like shield.

The flowers of your tree are so beautiful that children play with them. It is said that the greens of this tree have a poisonous effect but when the nuts are used in treatment no effects can be observed. These nuts are edible and contain many nutrients. The medicinal properties of these plants prevent stubborn diseases. An infusion of the leaves of this plant is used for insomnia.

The infusion of this plant is collected and made into a soft paste and applied on the forehead when there is a headache. Immediate relief is available. The plant is used in Ayurvedic medicine for fertility, diarrhea, ear infections, skin diseases and itching. Used in the treatment of these fruits.

An infusion of this dried plant is used to remove the phlegm that has accumulated in the chest during colds. The antibiotic properties of the leaves and roots of this plant reduce many internal diseases. It is also used in corona treatment due to its medicinal properties.

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