Tomorrow is the first Ekadashi. Those who cannot fast should at least do this. Sacrifice – our health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Tuesday, 20 July 2021

Tomorrow is the first Ekadashi. Those who cannot fast should at least do this. Sacrifice – our health

Tomorrow is the most sacred first Ekadashi festival on July 20th. We celebrate the first Ekadashi of Shuddha Ekadashi in the month of Ashada. Are fasting today. They spend the whole day just worshiping without eating anything since morning. For Hindus, it is considered to be the first festival of the year. Today Vishnu goes to sleep on Palakadali. That is why this day is considered sacred. They have been fasting since the night of the tenth day to fast on this day.

They get up in the morning, take a bath and worship Vishnu with tulsi. Vishnu praises Vishnu by reciting Sahasranama. The mind of a person with a full stomach is lost in many ways. That is why one fasts and remembers God by keeping the worship of God in mind, fasting during the day and waking up at night. On the first Ekadashi day, one takes a bath in the morning and goes to a nearby temple. Eat only breakfast that night.

Breakfast is a very important meal – it can either make or break your day. Ekadashi is the first symbol of eating popcorn flour and worship. God can eat popcorn as an offering despite fasting. Eating popcorn protects the body from falling sugar deposits all at once. The secret behind eating popcorn is to prepare the body for the changes that come with the rainy season.

The first Ekadashi day starts at 09:59 July 19 2021 at night. The end time of the first Ekadashi Tithi is 07:17 July 20 2021 evening, 20 17 2021 Dwadashi recitation time from 5 hours 45 minutes in the morning to 8 hours 20 minutes in the evening to worship Vishnu.

Today Brahmins should be given food or cooking. It may not be possible for everyone to have a complete fast. As such they can follow any of these six fasting methods.

The first is that fasting is fasting during the day and taking it only at night is called fasting.

The second is monogamy. Eating only in the afternoon and fasting in the morning and evening is called monogamy.

Thirdly, naktam means fasting during the day and seeing the stars at night and eating. The four unwillingness to go to dinner only if someone is invited to dinner is called begging. Bath. When the above methods do not work, at least take a bath and recite the Vishnu Sahasranamas while worshiping.

If all this is not possible, they should give Tiladanam. Ask the nearby Brahmins and donate sesame seeds.

Our sciences say that Kumbhipaka Rauravadi will give access to hell to those who are in a position to do none of this and do not even do it. Those who are fasting can take buttermilk, milk and a little fresh water. It is better to take small amounts of fruits. When given as a prasadam in the temple it should be taken without saying no. Do not eat cooked ingredients.

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