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Thursday, 8 July 2021

This oil is really a boon for women. Reduces hormonal imbalance.

Hormonal in balance. Whatever the reason but it is the most heard word in the mouth of women today. Infertility, difficulties in menstruation, excessive bleeding or lack of bleeding, and extreme pain during menstruation are all problems caused by hormonal imbalance.

The main cause of all these problems is eating habits and lifestyle. Some of these minor changes can correct the hormonal imbalance in women. People who have menstrual cramps often use over-the-counter medications. It can cause kidney damage in the long run.

That is why it is important to adopt ways to reduce pain naturally as much as possible. Also eucalyptus oil works very well.

But eucalyptus oil can cause minor burns. That is why this oil should be mixed with coconut oil or castor oil and massaged on the abdomen. Then wrap a cotton cloth soaked in boiling water or apply a hot water pack to relieve the pain.

Also take a little bit of cinnamon, anise and ginger and boil it in water. Drink this infusion with honey and lemon juice. It helps to reduce pain naturally. Also avoid caffeine and salted food during menstruation.

These make the muzzle tighten more. Make the pain in the lower abdomen even greater. That is why you should not drink coffee or cool drinks at this time. Fruits and salads should be taken. These are harmful to the stomach.

Make sure the motion is free. Otherwise, gas and constipation increase and the muscles tighten and the pain in the abdomen increases. Also drink plenty of water during menstruation. If possible, take one fruit juice in the morning. Lunch and dinner should be taken with fruits only.

It is high in fiber which helps in reducing the hormone balance and also helps in reducing the pain in the abdomen. This is a natural way to reduce the risk of menstrual cramps.

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