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Monday, 26 July 2021

This juice can be used once. Visual acuity increases

Nandiyavattam, a white flowering plant called Nandivarthanam is well known. It is found in almost everyone. The flowers of this plant are used for worship.

This beautiful four-winged plant also has many health benefits. This plant is used as part of traditional health treatment.

Nandivarthanam tree is said to be the best herb for all eye diseases as well as rejuvenation for the eyes.

Botanical name of the Nandivarthanam plant: Tabernemontana divaricata, which belongs to the Apocynaceae family.

Due to its anthelmintic, anti-inflammatory and anodine properties, this plant helps in diuretics, relieving pain and inflammation.

Medicinal uses of Nandivarthanam plant:

The leaves of this tree have anti-inflammatory action due to the use of Mixi Patti juice, so it helps in reducing wounds by writing on the wounds.

Flower juice is applied to the eyes as eye drops for people with eye diseases. Nandivarthanam flower juice is mixed with oil and used as eye drops.

Flower juice mixed with coconut or sesame oil can be applied on skin diseases. Gives quick relief.

Decoctions of the leaves of this tree are used as an anti-hypertensive and diuretic.

The leaves and flower juice are applied on the forehead along with the oil for pain in the eyes.

The roots are an anodine used to relieve toothache.

The roots are diluted with sandalwood with water and applied to wounds and boiled internally as an infusion for intestinal worms.

Tabernemontana divaricata (TD) of the Apocynaceae family offers traditional folk medicine benefits such as traditional epicleptic, anti-mania, brain tonic and anti-oxidant.

Medicinal uses of Nandivarthanam include antipyretic, astringent, cough, kidney problems, kidney stones, itching and even ulcers.

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