The lumbar pains that need to be operated on will go away with this single recipe. – Our health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Wednesday, 7 July 2021

The lumbar pains that need to be operated on will go away with this single recipe. – Our health

There is something wrong with everyone in recent times. Knee and arthritis are the most common types of attacks. Let’s learn one of the oldest recipe to reduce these. Two of the ingredients we need for that. One is tadpoles.

Did you know that these black seeds hidden inside the thick-sticky fruit pulp of tamarind are seeds rich in proteins, amino acids, essential fatty acids and minerals? These little seeds packed with nutrients have amazing health benefits!

There are wonderful ayurvedic benefits in tamarind why it does not work. For that the tamarinds should be well fried. Turn on the stove and fry a glass of tamarind on the pan. These will crack a little to let you know they are fast. Then turn off the stove and peel off the top and soak them overnight. Even a glass of rice should be soaked overnight.

In the morning, strain the water and mix it with the soaked rice. Then make a paste with a little water. Then mix the two together and pour into a bowl. Eating ilamavi on both sides reduces joint pains and back pain.

In traditional Ayurvedic uses, roasted tamarind seeds are used to treat arthritis and arthritis by taking seed powder. These have a good advantage. Tamarind seed reduces inflammation and oxidative stress in the joints and helps to reduce pain.

And some research suggests that it preserves bone strength and inner cartilage. Along with good exercise and diet, such tips can help reduce waist and arthritis. In addition, tamarind seeds help protect your skin from viral and bacterial infections. It also relieves you from intestinal and urinary tract infections.

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