Shocking facts about bathing !! What are we doing wrong these days ?? Is that why so many diseases are coming ?? – Our health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Friday, 2 July 2021

Shocking facts about bathing !! What are we doing wrong these days ?? Is that why so many diseases are coming ?? – Our health

Bathing with water on the head is what we call dizziness, or dizziness. In a word, we are dealing with talara bathing with kunkudu kaya, shampoo or shikaya.

But do you know what it means to be stunned ?? The head should be oiled! Pouring oil on the scalp and massaging it well is called ‘talantadam’. Do we really get dizzy with oil like this when we are pouring ‘talanti’? The fact is that many people are pouring ‘Talanti’ without thinking!

If you put four, the impurities will be lost!

Applying the head with oil is called ablution. This is the real oil bath! Ignore the oil all over the head and massage it well, rub it well, pull it dry and then take a bath. The fat is lost. Body light increases. Taking an ablution bath like this at least once a week is good for health. The daily however is still turning around!

The solution to all brain diseases is with castor oil!

Bathing the head and neck alone can relieve diabetes, paralysis, back pain, arthritis, migraine headaches and all other ailments. Reduces heat. Castor oil is the best way to treat all brain ailments.

Taking care of coconut oil before bathing will make the skin radiant. Taking an ablution bath with coconut oil or sesame oil can reduce skin diseases. Sleeps comfortably. The body is light. The incidence of insane dreams decreases. Massage is good not only for the scalp but also for regular bathing.

Intelligence will increase if it is mixed with ghee !!

Ghee can have a wonderful effect on eye diseases. Causes excessive mobility. It is very good for all urinary tract infections. Increases longevity. The body glows better. Charisma increases in people who look as helpless as the sick. Giving children a head start will increase intelligence and increase appetite. All their natural powers are doubled. It is good for anemia, jaundice, amoebiasis, cough, cold, fatigue and asthma.

Mental illnesses should be treated like perfume!

If you grind good sandalwood and mix it with spices like nutmeg, mace and camphor, it is called “sandalwood talk”! This is what “myopia” means. Poets describe poets as applying this ointment. We forgot these! This is a skin beauty secret. Not for women – men need it! Not too expensive. Enhances brilliance, strength. Sweat eliminates bad breath. Good for epilepsy. In mental illness the mind is refreshed. Loses heat.

Times not to be missed!

Do not overdose on diarrhea. Stomach ache, bloating, diarrhea should not be poured on the stomach when the condition is not good. Bathing with shampoo was also forbidden at that time. Those with wounds on the neck, those with fever. People suffering from tuberculosis, cough, cold and fatigue should not be discouraged. Those conditions can slowly subside. At midnight, at sunset, after tiffin, do not pour talanti after eating rice. Talanti is good on all days and at all times.


There is no rule to pour talanti on the festival day. Every day in creation is clean.

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