If women light a lamp at this time, it is a great benefit to the husband – our health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Saturday, 10 July 2021

If women light a lamp at this time, it is a great benefit to the husband – our health

We all have many doubts about the daily worship. Let us salvage such doubts today. A house without a lamp is like a lifeless body. Pramidalam is made of clay so it is called a reflection of our body. Our body is also made up of Panchabhutas. Oil or ghee is like love within us. Love between wife and husband, friendship between friends, support between brothers, respect between elders and devotion to God.

There are certain rules that must be followed when it comes to lighting a lamp for God. An emphasis should not be placed on the lamp. The two wicks should be put together as one lamp. Both lamps must be lit exactly. Some light a lamp near God. Two lamps must be lit on that side to be on the side of God. The lamp in the center of the lamp should not be lit. Then the shadow of the abyss will fall on God. That should not be the case. Only the shadow of the lamp should fall on God.

Eternal Diparadhana The lamp that is lit in the morning and evening becomes an auspicious factor for the person of the house. All you have to do is light a lamp and offer dates, raisins or any fruit as an offering. Pour oil to light the lamps and press. Do not oil first. For lamps the lamp can be placed only in silver, brass, or copper pots. Clay standards are also good but steel pots should not be used.

The lamp should be put on only after the rags have been washed clean. Do not change the pressure to wash in the morning and put the lamp. Worship accents should be lit with a lighted lamp or incense burner. Lamps should not be lit directly with a match. The housewife should light herself by putting five wicks in the candlestick. Scholars say that the first emphasis is on the well-being of the husband, the second on the well-being of the in-laws, the third on the well-being of the sisters and brothers, the fourth on the well-being of the elderly, and the fifth on the development of the clan.

Incense, incense, and incense sticks should not be lit from incense burners. The cotton-lit lamp illuminates the ancestral gods and gives them access to heaven. Sri Mahalakshmi Devi’s blessings are bestowed on the devotees if they worship the Lord with lotuses made of lotus flowers. Watch the video below about many more such dharma doubts.

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