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Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Hair Growth Ayurvedic Secret That No One Has Told So Far – Our Health

Tell me who doesn’t want hair to grow thicker than black. But now food habits, pollution, chemicals in the products are causing the hair to thin. Many health problems can also cause hair to fall out. If the hair is falling out like this we can make a good hair pack from naturally occurring ingredients to get out of it.

For that we need to take four spoons of peas and four spoons of dill. These should be soaked in water overnight. After soaking, cover with a dry cloth and strain the water. This filtered water can be kept in the fridge and used as a hair serum. Sprouted peas and dill can germinate if left for two days. Put the sprouted dill and peas in a bowl. Add a cup of coconut milk, a large onion, rice water taken from the rice soaked for 24 hours and mix into a smooth paste.

Strain it into a cloth to make a creamy smooth paste. Applying it without straining makes it difficult to keep the slightly dill and peas pieces in the head. This paste should be applied from the scalp to the scalp. Applying it on the bathed head has good results. After drying for two hours, use a mild shampoo with lukewarm water.

If you do this often, the protein in peas and dill will help your hair to grow and stay strong. Both of these work very well for solving hair problems. Onion reduces problems like dandruff and itching in the head. Promotes hair growth. Coconut milk helps in hair growth from the scalp. And prevents white hair from coming on at a young age. You can have beautiful, firm black hair using this remedy.

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