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Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Guys wonder if they know what happens if they eat two cloves and drink hot water – our health

Ayurveda has been associated with our virtues since ancient times. Whoever follows our ancient virtues. They also follow certain rules of Ayurveda whether they know it or not until they are very healthy. Today I will say one thing. Let us learn about the amazing results of Ayurveda due to this. From time immemorial our elders have told us to go to the temple on an empty stomach.

Why go to the temple on an actual empty stomach. Let’s learn about the scientific mystery behind this. When we go to the temple there is Panchamritam or Charanamritam in the form of Tirtha. Basil and honey are mixed in this tirtha. This tulsi tirtha can be taken on an empty stomach to get rid of many ailments in the body.

In addition, cloves and cloves are offered in the temple. Taking cloves and cloves on an empty stomach eliminates many digestive problems. Butter or acacia pieces are also served in the form of prasadam. These are also very good for the body when eaten on an empty stomach. That is why we are told to go to the temple on any empty stomach.

That is why we can get health by knowing about the scientific secrets in our Dharma and following them without leaving them. Let us now learn about the health benefits of consuming cloves

Cloves contain important nutrients.

Cloves are high in antioxidants. These increase immunity.

The anti-cancer properties of cloves help protect against cancer.

Can kill bacteria due to its antibacterial properties. Can protect against any bacterial infections.

Improves liver health Properties in it detoxify the body and cleanse the liver and improve health.

May help control blood sugar. Helpful for people with diabetes.

Frequent intake of cloves promotes bone health.

Eating two cloves and drinking hot water will eliminate sexual problems. And help in weight loss.

As well as can reduce the risk of stomach ulcers.

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