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Saturday, 24 July 2021

Follow these simple tips for glowing skin. – Our health

Both mental health and physical health are important for beautiful, flawless skin. That is why health is called great fortune by adults. If our body is healthy, our skin will also be healthy and radiant.

Along with that drink plenty of water daily. It is important that you drink 10-12 glasses or three and a half liters of water every day as it helps to expel toxins from your body system.

Moisturize your skin regularly. For that you need to drink enough water and use a moisturizing cream that suits your skin.

Wear sunscreen when going out daily. Apply a good sunscreen lotion to prevent sun damage.

Those who are addicted to smoking and alcohol should avoid it. Smoking and alcohol release toxins and damage skin cells. Hence these should be avoided.

Exfoliate. The skin should be exfoliated at least once every fortnight. It is advisable to use as many natural ingredients as possible for that. Stay away from chemicals.

Cleanse the skin by scrubbing regularly. For that, rice, sugar and honey work very well.

Makeup removal. It is best to remove makeup and go to bed at any time before going to bed at night. Otherwise suffer from skin problems in the long run.

Eat more fruits, vegetables and vegetables in your diet. Make it a habit to take fruit juices twice a day.

Pay attention to certain areas: After the age of 30, you need to focus on certain areas such as the neck, eyes and arms, which show early signs of aging. Care should be taken for them.

Do not use expired skin products: Do not use cosmetics or accessories that are too old after the expiration date. Always check the expiration date before purchasing and using the product.

Get enough sleep

During sleep, our body repairs damaged cells and replenishes old ones. Therefore, our body needs at least eight hours of sleep daily. It gives healthy and glowing skin and also refreshes your mind.

Switch with the seasons

In the summer, it is a good idea to modify your skin care routine with a change to suit the season. Switch to oil control face packs and scrubbing and light toners in the summer. Antibacterial and deep cleansing face care products should be used during the rainy season. In winter the face becomes dry. Moisturizing products should be used to retain skin moisture.

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