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Saturday, 24 July 2021

Doing so on the run will eliminate the gas problem in life – our health

Constipation is a big problem plaguing everyone. If this continues, gas and acidity problems will increase. That experience is terrible for most people to go to the toilet. If some people have diarrhea in minutes. Some people do not have diarrhea.

In addition to that it can cause excruciating pain, bleeding and problems with files over time. The natural way to do this is to consume more hot water. As soon as you wake up in the morning, you should drink at least a liter and a half of lukewarm water before eating the tiffin.

Drinking this warm water in the morning makes the stool in the intestines softer and moves closer to the anus. If you cannot drink water up to a liter at a time, give it a five minute break and drink it. Drinking like this softens the stool in the intestines. Facilitates bowel movements.

Also stop defecating until it is urgent. Then only the stool near the anus comes out. It may take time for the feces left in the intestines to come out completely. Frequent drinking of hot water cleanses the stomach completely. That is why you should stop until the stool is full and defecation is urgent. Doing so can cause defecation to occur in moments. The intestines are thoroughly cleansed.

Many people claim that drinking a liter of water in the morning also makes diarrhea easier. Making it a daily habit will not cause constipation. Focusing the mind on bowel movements after drinking water makes it easier to loosen muscles and excrete.

Also reduce the intake of spices, fried meats and ground vegetables as much as possible and take natural vegetables. Consuming only fruits in the diet at night also reduces the problem of constipation and gas.

Dietary fiber helps a lot in reducing constipation. For that you need to eat more fiber rich foods. Enema also helps in cleansing the intestines. Eat fast at night, get enough exercise for your body, eat a high fiber diet and drink half a liter of water in the morning.

Drinking four to five liters of warm water daily throughout the day can help reduce constipation. Drinking water in compliance with all these can reduce not only constipation and gas problems but also many other ailments.

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