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Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Doctors are also surprised, if you use it, your hair will get close to 30 hairs per hair

The problem of hair fall is so high nowadays that there is a product available in the market for every problem related to hair. But shampoos and products available in the market are more likely to cause side effects. That is why a tip that can be done at home will reduce the problems of dandruff and hair fall. Works very well. For this we need to take tea powder. Tea powder reduces the problem of hair fall. Helps to increase coherence. Strengthens hair roots. Makes hair brighter. For this we need to make a tea decoction. How to do this remedy? When to use? Find out.

Put two glasses of water in a bowl and add two teaspoons of tea powder. It should boil well. So that the extract in the tea powder drops. The caffeine in it reduces the infection in the hair. Eliminates dandruff and itching problems. The antibacterial properties of tea powder nourish the hair and reduce hair fall. When it comes to hair, not only women but also men want to look their best. The problem of baldness is more prevalent in men in recent times. Prevents baldness rather than breakage of hair in the scalp. White hair problem also comes with age. Reduces this problem and keeps the skin moisturized in the hair.

We see this decoction combining in henna hair packs. The carotene in tea powder turns hair black. This decoction should be filtered and cooled. In this we have to mix shampoo. There is no shampoo we use. Mix well and add lemon juice. Lemons contain vitamins B and C. These keep the hair healthy and radiant. Squeeze the lemon juice in this. Lemon juice removes dead skin cells and keeps skin fresh and radiant. Apply this mixture on the scalp and gently massage for two minutes. It is enough to massage and wash with water to go to the scalp. Shampoo so it cleans up nicely. Doing it twice a week will have better results. Dust and dirt are removed and the hair becomes healthy and cohesive.

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