Do this with the onion. Your breasts will not only increase in size but also become tighter and fitter – our health - Health Tips Galaxy


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Tuesday, 20 July 2021

Do this with the onion. Your breasts will not only increase in size but also become tighter and fitter – our health

It is enough to follow the tip now for at least 1, 2 months to make the breasts tight. The ingredients we need are also available in our home. Family heredity genes can usually cause breasts to be small or malnutrition can also cause breasts to be small.

Some are as loose as stretch. Let’s find out now from the outside tips to correct these changed breasts. For that the onion should be taken as it was red. Chop it and put it in a mixer. The juice from this paste should be filtered and taken.

Massage this juice on the breasts to tighten them and enlarge the small breasts. Onion juice works very well in tightening stretched breasts. This massage improves blood circulation and tightens the muscles. The chemicals in it cause the hormones to decrease.

For the second tip take three or four spices called pineapple or star flower. Fry it in a pan. It smells good. It works very well. Add two to three teaspoons of anise seeds, one teaspoon of dill and two or three teaspoons of flax seeds along with the pineapple. Fry well until all the moisture is gone.

Add these to the mix and dry. This powder can be taken daily with milk in combination with acacia or jaggery. Daily intake reduces estrogen hormone levels in the body and gives the body the nutrients it needs. This increases the size of the breasts in the body. If you do not like to drink it mixed with milk, take a teaspoon of powder directly and eat it. Then drink a glass of milk.

In addition, small changes in diet can lead to better results. Eat more greens in your daily diet. High intake of spinach in particular provides good nutrients to the body. Also take soy ingredients like soy milk, yogurt, cheese.

All of these substances work very well in controlling estrogen levels in the body. These increase the size of the breasts and prevent breast cancer. Doing push-up exercises will help the body get in shape and the breasts will increase in size and you will have beautiful tight breasts.

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