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Wednesday, 21 July 2021

Do this to completely reduce the amount of fat in the skin – our health

Lipomas are soft and rubbery lumps that form on the skin. Lipomas or fatty lumps grow when fat begins to grow on the soft tissues of the body.
Lipomas are very common and usually appear mostly on the body, arms or thighs and all over the body. Initially, they appear as soft and small lumps. They grow to about 2 inches wide but do not cause pain.

Common areas where lipomas usually develop are on the skin of the hands, thighs, back, shoulders and neck.

Common symptoms of lipoma

If you feel you have lipoma, it will soften when touched and move easily when you press it with your finger. It stays under your skin and grows slowly as the days go by. It can be light pink or colorless. When lipoma grows on the nerve under the skin, it can be stressful and painful.

Meeting a doctor.

Any lump or swelling in the body should be diagnosed by a doctor as lipoma. Whether lipoma is dangerous or not. You need to know for sure through tests whether there is any serious problem with this inflammation in your body. In some rare cases, lipomas can grow inside the body, including in internal organs or muscles. They can cause pain and injury and may need to be surgically removed.
The doctor collects fluid with a needle and tests to diagnose lipoma. Lipomas are very easy to remove because they are made only of adipose tissue.

Lipoma treatment

Lipomas usually do not bother a person with pain. If this happens, they can be treated by increasing their size. Surgery, liposuction and steroid injections are common ways to treat lipomas.

But there are also natural ways. The first is aloe vera gel, a garlic clove peel and paste and mix well with a teaspoon of turmeric. Make it into a fluffy mixture and apply it on the fat lumps. Writing it on the bumps regularly will have a better result.

Also, massaging the nubs or tattoo tree milk found in the villages by massaging it on the fat lumps will also melt the fat lumps.

The third tip is the bark of the plantain. The bark can be dissolved by soaking the bark of the plantain in water and rubbing it on the lumps, or by boiling the bark in water and drinking a little honey.

One or two of these tips will give you amazing results on a regular basis for two to three months without stopping. In addition the intake of good nutrition and the intake of bitter foods can also help the lumps to dissolve.

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