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Thursday, 29 July 2021

Do not leave any of these fruits anywhere. Eat immediately – our health

The rainy season has arrived. There are many types of seasonal fruits available in the market. But there are also some fruits that are not found in the market. Do you know about balus fruits? In rural areas, these plants are more common in hilly areas, with thick foliage, fences, thorny fields, or roadside furs. When the rainy season comes, the tree gets round green nuts. These are clusters of sandalwood when ripe and coffee colored when ripe.

Until a few years ago, young children used to go to the fields to collect these fruits when they came for school holidays. The children of that time loved to eat these fruits. The children of that time were very healthy because of eating these naturally occurring fruits. Fruits now available in the market are sprayed with chemicals. Eating these can lead to many health problems. These Balusu fruits are also known by the name of the place with many names like Balija fruits, Balija, Barbuja, Balusu.

These are very sweet in taste. Eating these is very good for growth in young children. Improves brain function Prevents calcium deficiency in children and strengthens bones. Balus fruits are very helpful for children who want to grow taller. Eliminates stomach problems. Effectively combat diseases during the monsoon season.

Now we are suffering from many diseases that are so thick. These natural foods, eaten in the past, boosted the body’s immune system and prevented any disease. Let’s buy these fruits that Anna can’t find, if possible, be sure to eat them if available. Feed the children. Maintain good health.

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